George McKee’s story

I, George McKee, born in 1948, was placed into care at the Nazareth Lodge on the Ravenhill Road, Belfast sometime towards the mid to late 1950s as my father had taken T.B. and my mother a mental breakdown. My brother and sisters were also in care under the Nazareth Sisters. I was beaten often for … Continue reading

John Meehan’s story

Former ‘home boy’ recalls abuse at Termonbacca John Meehan says he was just ten years-old when his innocence was shattered by a serious sexual assault at Termonbacca boys’ home. He still struggles with the sickening memory of an older boy attacking him and then callously paying him half a crown to keep quiet. Fifty-two years … Continue reading

Patrick and William Murphy’s story

Group speaks with one angry voice – BBC News Young and vulnerable, some had no family of their own and no-one to protect them. Alone and with no support, they were brought to live in institutions where they hoped for love and care. What many of them found was as far from their ideal as … Continue reading

Margaret McGuckin’s story

I lived in fear of the next beating, the next humiliation Clutching an old black and white photograph, Margaret McGuckin points to a sad looking young girl whose face is turned away from the camera. “Look how sad she is. That is me. I was three-years-old and as far as I can remember I had … Continue reading

Victims of abuse speak out

Victims of abuse in Catholic-run institutions are calling for any compensation to cover Northern Ireland. In the wake of last week’s report into decades of child abuse in the Republic, eight religious orders have now said they’ll review how they can make amends. But the abuse didn’t stop at the border. Brian and Deirdre O’Donoghue … Continue reading

John Leathem’s story

Abused while in care of Church A West Belfast community worker who was sexually abused whilst in care has accused the Catholic Church of protecting paedophiles. John Leathem was beaten regularly by nuns while growing up as a child in the Nazareth Lodge orphanage on the Ormeau Road. On his 13th birthday John was moved … Continue reading