Helping our friend Clint Massey (Kincora) celebrate his birthday!


Abuse comes from all quarters…..we are a cross community group who support any victim/survivor from any background!

R.C. Church?……No more the Pillars of Society…….

Babies in the Bog…….

No proper burial sites for these little ones! Whose decree said they were not holy enough to be buried with dignity….NOT Gods!!

Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery: “Limbo Babies,”  Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery: Atmosphere ‘tense,’ ‘emotions … just below the surface’ (First published 2012) Last year’s BBC documentary on Ireland’s “Limbo Babies” [featured on our Family History YouTube channel] brought to light an emotionally charged issue that affected almost all of our Irish ancestors.  Ever since the Roman Catholic Church declared that the non-baptized were … Continue reading