Magdalene Laundries Redress Thoughts

Just a few thoughts:-   I was so pleased to hear the announcement by Justice Alan Shatter of  a compensation scheme for the ladies of the Magdalene Launderies.   In his statement he said “TODAY IS ABOUT JUSTICE”!!!!   When Enda Kenny delivered his emotional apology in February to a standing ovation,  there could be no … Continue reading

Consideration on Bethany Home redress to be concluded ‘in weeks’ Whilst we welcome the decision to compensate the victims/survivors of abuse in the Laundries and the Bethany Homes……we just wonder……when is it finally going to happen here in the North of Ireland. Must we continue to wonder…… and wait to be compensated, when all around … Continue reading

Magdalene Compensation

SAVIA open day visitors

Thanks to all who came to our open day on fri. 21st. And especially those who donated their time and odds and ends. We now have a sofa, armchair and a plant! (Cutlery and more plants needed) We’re open now most afternoons on a voluntary basis and all are welcome to drop in for a … Continue reading