Why were children handed to Church with no questions asked? – Belfast Telegraph

Jim was 14 days old when placed with the Sisters of Nazareth at Termonbacca in Derry. What happened to him later disproves suggestions there was no equivalent in the North of the savagery inflicted on children in the Republic. “The Sister’s knuckles were always scabbed and saturated with iodine from the beatings she handed out. … Continue reading

Victims of abuse speak out

Victims of abuse in Catholic-run institutions are calling for any compensation to cover Northern Ireland. In the wake of last week’s report into decades of child abuse in the Republic, eight religious orders have now said they’ll review how they can make amends. But the abuse didn’t stop at the border. Brian and Deirdre O’Donoghue … Continue reading

John Leathem’s story

Abused while in care of Church A West Belfast community worker who was sexually abused whilst in care has accused the Catholic Church of protecting paedophiles. John Leathem was beaten regularly by nuns while growing up as a child in the Nazareth Lodge orphanage on the Ormeau Road. On his 13th birthday John was moved … Continue reading