• Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse is a mutual support and campaign group of survivors and victims of institutional abuse in Northern Ireland.

    We aim to act as a coherent voice for the needs and demands of survivors of institutional abuse and to campaign for justice for the many children – now adults – who suffered physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuses in institutions across Northern Ireland.

    We have lobbied successfully for support from all the main Northern Ireland political parties and secured a commitment in December 2010 from the NI Executive to establish an inquiry into historical institutional abuses.

    We are currently campaigning to ensure that the inquiry meets the needs of victims so that it will deliver truth, justice and redress, and that the other needs of victims and survivors are addressed.

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Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery: “Limbo Babies,”

http://thenewwildgeese.com/profiles/blogs/archaeologist-uncovering-more-secrets-of-ireland-s-cillini-in-bel  Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery: Atmosphere ‘tense,’ ‘emotions … just below the surface’ (First published 2012) Last year’s BBC documentary on Ireland’s “Limbo Babies” [featured on our Family History YouTube channel] brought to light an emotionally charged issue that affected almost all of our Irish ancestors.  Ever since the Roman Catholic Church declared that the non-baptized were … Continue reading